Console Gaming vs App Gaming

The bell rings, the fight’s on, which is the superior medium!?

There’s something about games consoles that seems to split the audience in two – from the old days of Sega vs Nintendo all the way up to the current Sony vs Microsoft rivalry and the general disdain consoles get from the self-proclaimed PC Master Race. But in the last couple of years a new fight has erupted, console games vsapp games, thisone’s a little different because the gamers are a totally different breed.

Console gamers are the classic types who sit on the couch, controller in hand and dedicate time to a full-on immersive experience. The traditionalist, if you will, who were raised on Mario, Sonic and all the other games that forged a childhood leading into Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. This is the guy who appreciates quality graphics, complicated controls and deeply involving gameplays and is still buying consoles to this day.

On the other hand, app gamers are probably going to be playing on their commute – smashing candies, hurling birds at pigs and generally just passing the time with easy to understand games that they can solve with a few methodical approaches. Or maybe they’re playing something else like gambling games online. As long as the graphics are alright and the game easy to pick up and put down, the app gamers are going to be happy.

Now, we could just accept that these are two very different markets and leave it at that.
Or we could make them fight to decide which is the winner.