How to Find an Affordable Storage Unit

When you will decide to renovate your place because your place is already too crowded, you need to clear up the area that is about to be renovated. It means you have to put away your things somewhere else or they might get damaged or they can cause nuisance to the workers. The best place you can put them is in a self storage unit. If you happen to be in Bronx, finding one should not be a problem. You can easily find cheap storage units in this area. But of course, you also need to be cautious as there are also those that are overpriced. You might end up in one of them.

You can check these tips below on how to end up with best deal when it comes to storage units:

  • If you happen to be living in a less busy area, this should not be a problem as you only need to find a storage facility near your place. Yes, the bottom line is to look for a storage facility a little farther away from the center of the city as most of the time,  it is cheaper.
  • If you can find people that will be willing to haul your things to the second floor, then there is no need for you to get the unit with a drive-up access. Most of the time, it is more expensive. And besides, those units on the second floor are usually more secure because of their position.

  • You don’t need to choose a unit with climate-control feature unless you have a lot of things to be stored that is considered as electronics, artworks or fragile items. You can surely save a lot by just getting the standard unit. But of course you should not sacrifice your things. They should still be your top priority.
  • You should choose the smallest unit possible. Note that the pricing of units will most of the time, depends on their size and their amenities. Make sure to pack your things properly and organize them well inside the unit. You will really be surprised on how much you can fit into a single unit.

Yes, renting a self storage unit is indeed the best option you have when you are about to deal with home renovation. You should start looking for a storage facility as soon as possible.