How to Fix a Blurry Photo with Movavi Photo Editor

Blurred photo can happen when you move the camera while attempting to snap a photo. If your camera has a low megapixel, the photo that is taken will also appear blur. If you are a beginner at taking photos, you will likely end up with a few photos that are blurry. The photo will not be pleasant to look at if it is blurry. You don’t have to delete your blurred photos as they can be easily fixed with a basic photo editor like Movavi Photo Editor. Movavi Photo Editor allows you to fix a blurred photo by using the sharpness tool. After you launch Movavi Photo Editor, the first step is to load the blur picture that you want to sharpen by clicking on the Browse for Images button.

When the open dialog box appear, you must choose your picture and click the open button to load it into the software. Next, you must go to the Adjust tab. The sharpness tool is located at the bottom of the Adjust tab. The sharpness slider is the last adjustment slider in the Adjust tab. Moving the sharpness slider to the furthest end will not necessarily give the best result to your photo. The right method to fix blurry pictures is to drag the sharpness slider slowly until it achieves the desired sharpening effect.

You can see the sharpening effect on the photo in real time as you drag the sharpness slider. You will notice that your picture gets clearer as you move the sharpness slider. You can also make adjustment on the sharpness tool by entering a value in the text box. Above the sharpness slider, you will find the blur slider. You can adjust the blur slider to see if it improves the quality of the picture that you want to sharpen. The blur slider can make the photo become more and more blur gradually.  By default, both the sharpness and blur sliders have zero values. You can press the reset button to reset the sharpness slider back to zero.

You will also find other coloration adjustment sliders under the Adjust tab for fixing other types of flaws in the photo. For example, the brightness slider can change the level of lighting in the photo by making it look either brighter or darker. The highlight tool can also make more lighting appear in the photo. The hue slider can convert the different colors in the photo into a different variation. Moving the shadows slider to the left can add more shadows into the photo.

If you are not good at manually adjusting the coloration sliders, you can click the Magic Enhance button to automatically enhance the photo. You can find the dimensions of your picture at the bottom of Movavi Photo Editor. You can view the original version of the photo if you click the view original button and hold the left mouse button for a while. Before you quit the program, make sure you click the Save as button to save the photo in the preferred file name and photo format.