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Best Jobs Related to Fashion

Best Jobs Related to Fashion

Jobs which are related to fashion are so many. People think that fashion jobs are either being a designer or a model. Fashion industry is a very creative field with a verity of career options. Fashion related jobs are different than other job industries because its can fit to a lot of personality and skill sets.

Glamorous fashion jobs like modeling and designing gets all the press. Although the fashion industry is very competitive, but it’s only the very top tier of these people who actually make good amounts of money. It is better and easier to make a decent living on the business side of fashion.

  1. Fashion Buyers.

Fashion buyers are the ones responsible for keeping the sales floor stocked with accessories and clothes that will sell and must be sold in a terminated time. It’s not only about fun shopping gig or only buying high-stakes; it’s also about knowing what customers want before not by asking the customers but by studying their needs and tastes. Fashion buyer have to also decide which trends will be big and popular three months from now , translation high-fashion styles like the ones on the runway but with affordable prices and wearable fabrics produced for their targeted customers. By the way, Fashion buyers are considered professional cool hunters; they are experts in data analysts.

  • You can easily check and apply for fashion buyers’ job on online job websites like Joblang.
  • Fashion buyers are in high demand, as we all know; fashion is in a consistent movement, there will always be a demand for more fashion buyer and fashion experts.
  1. Editorial Assistant.

Editorial assistant Is a great chance for greeting an incredible hands-on experience, if you were lucky enough, you will learn how to produce a fashion magazine from start to finish. What makes the Editorial Assistant job role special is that they have to be extremely organized and scheduling times and everything is just like their favorite hobby! They also need to own stamina in able to constantly work for long hours to accurately meet deadlines. The special skills needed in this job role are great communication skills in both person and on paper as well as being a grammar nerd.

  • If you see yourself as a great energetic Editorial Assistant, then why won’t you try visiting famous online job opportunities like LinkedIn and You will be able to find a variety of suitable jobs related to fashion.
  • The average pay of Editorial Assistant is medium to high. It depends on the gained experienced and company you’ll be working in.
  1. Costume Designer.

Costume designers are responsible for providing a key element and create the personal style of every character in films, TV shows and even in operas. There are factors which are taken into consideration, like budget, complexity and time period. They might make every costume from scratch and others would assemble the wardrobe from existing garments they have rented or purchased before. Costume Designers must be creative and have extraordinary ideas, it’s either a talented designer or not, there is no space for dull designer in this field.

  • This field is really exciting and fun, it can never be boring to work in such field.
  • If you’ve got a really creative ideas and an inventory mind , then you should absolutely join this field and make a good money earning income , you can find jobs related to fashion posted on , it’s a huge portal which posts daily job opportunities both locally and abroad.
  1. Fit Model.

Being a Fit Model requires special strict body measurements. Fit models are literally human mannequins for clothing manufacturers. Designers use models before putting a garment into production, models are also used to see if the piece made by the designer is flattering and wearable by actual humans with different seizes as well. Models are picked for their special measurements, they depend on models to tell them if the designed garment is comfortable or no, as well as seeing how the garment flows and moves on the real human body before manufacturing it.

  • Fit models are not treated as Barbie flesh, but designers confessed that they choose fit models in order for people to consecrate on the garment piece instead of concentrating on the models applying body shape. But nowadays, we can all see that we have both fit models and extra size models as well. Everyone has their own field and audience.
  • Models are always in high demand, if you’re fit to the measurements designers seek, you can check for the latest fit models job opportunities for either local or abroad fashion companies and apply for the job demands which suits your requirements the most.
  1. Patternmakers.

Pattern makers role in magical, they are simply the magical fairies who can actually turn 2D designs and easily translate it into a blueprint for a wonderful 3D garment. Their role is really critical in the process of production; they must be 100% ideal and accurate. They must accurately follow the drawn pattern document without wasting fabric or time. Any poorly drawn pattern could really cost the company millions of dollars. This mistake will not only cost material lost, but also slowing down the production line, being a dud on the sales floor and of course squandering materials. What doesn’t get fixed during the pattern drawing process will be a killer mistake when drawing a wrong pattern. Patternmakers must be really accurate and pay an extreme attention to the smallest details.

  • If you have got the required qualifications, you can share your talent in fashion fields, you will get good income earnings.
  • If you have got no idea how to apply or find a suitable job, you can check job search engines like and apply to the job vacancy that suits you the best.

Fashion related jobs are so many; they all need creativity and talented minds. People might only think that fashion related jobs are only monopolized by designers and models, they would be shocked to know that one fashion show can require more than 20 job titles in order to make it work . You have got different job titles that are related to fashion field , like makeup artists , hair stylists , Design Assistant , fashion journalist , production manager , fashion publicist , retails sales clerk , retail store manager , street photographer , stylist  , social media assistant , textile designer and visual presentation . Can you believe that all these job positions are related to fashion? I think now most of you have changed their minds about fashion jobs, it’s not only about models and designers anymore right? 

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