Sunday 14 July 2024
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Crystal Clear Memories

Crystal Clear Memories

photographic memories

Whether you stack photo blocks, tile them across a wall or use them as functional pieces of art across the coffee table, the photographic memories inside will come to life as they appear more visually vivid from behind the acrylic. Attaching photos to the back of acrylic, allows your eye to see the light bending when it hits, therefore making the photo take on a more dimensional look. The colors are also more vibrant as they are accentuated by the light shining through to the photo, giving your photo more depth. Decorating with photos adds a personal touch to homes and offices. To maintain the integrity of your photos, this material is an ideal substitute for standard framing with glass because it offers sunlight and UV rays protection, including indoor artificial lighting, keeping your precious photographic memories fresh and clear. Because of the shape and design, they will also stand on their own so there are no stands or cardboard backing that wears over time. The full image of the photo is seen because framing is not needed. You’ll never have to crop photos before displaying because you do not lose any part of the image in the photo when it is attach to the back. It’s not only the best way to maintain those valued photos but it also offers a gorgeous decorating medium for home and office or really, any space that needs a pop of color.

There’s a multitude of ways to use these when decorating your space.

Around the House

  • coasters
  • highlight memorable trips and favorite holidays with themed coaster sets
  • different sizes stacked to make a tall focal point
  • fill in old table top sections, instead of just glass
  • create a partition on a counter top
  • collage a wall with photos and memories
  • use as paper weights to hold down mail and magazines
  • living timeline of child’s growth through pictures stacked

Around the Office

  • beautiful ad displays of products and/or business cards
  • coasters
  • paper weights
  • eye catching decorations to hide everyday office supplies
  • back lighting to create niche lighting
  • awards
  • company gifts

Keep in mind that gifting photos in this style, allows the recipient to use them in any decorating scheme, with no particular frame or them surrounding the photo. Overall, for the integrity of the photos, flexibility of decorating styles and the aesthetic appeal, these acrylic blocks are the crystal clear option for honoring those photographed memories.