Monday 20 May 2024
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Displaying Your Restaurant’s Individuality with Menu Boards

Displaying Your Restaurant’s Individuality with Menu Boards

You walk into a coffee shop.  The aroma surrounds you and fills your senses. You take a seat and pick up a menu.  Not just any menu, but a beautiful real wood board with original artwork, colourfully displaying the variety of coffees and prices.

Restaurant’s Individuality

 Boards are gaining in popularity as easy to use menu display stations, and can set you apart from your competition. These easy to clean and crisp looking boards can make your restaurant, bar, or deli as individual as you are. Even though they are very cost effective, menu boards also add that something extra to your table.


Imagine a quaint little restaurant known for its exclusive delightful wine list. Would you rather have a flimsy piece of paper with the wines printed on it, or an elegant leather bound menu board with calligraphy writing? The perception of the restaurant changes immediately depending on which you use. You can find these boards in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. You can even incorporate a theme, such as vintage photographs or nature pictures.

Country, rustic styles are now popular. A charming wooden veneer or wooden effects board would add to the ambiance of a cosy little café or a rustic large scale lodge. Likewise, leather adds a stately elegance to any guest items. Luxury personalised menu accessories will make your guests feel important and respected.

Most people are visual by nature. The eye-catching boards displaying your menus, including digital wood boards, removable table top chalkboards, and brightly coloured menu boards, will appeal to the masses.  However, you can tailor your boards to a target group such as young professionals, executives, or even college kids. In this demanding society, sometimes the appeal is in a digital wood menu clipboard with laser engraving in birch plywood, or a Classic VivellaBoard.

Reasons for a Menu on a Board

Flexibility is the number one reason for menus on boards and tariff boards. As a restaurant owner, you don’t have time to recreate a menu every day. As a customer, you don’t want to see items scratched out and marked through. With these boards, you can change only the needed content to provide your customers with an up to date list or menu. Chalk menu boards are also simple to change with your specials and deals. You can also have wine lists, dessert lists, and other specialty lists already made to your specifications with your personalised logo or company name.

According to Digital Signage Today, digital menu on boards have the ability to comply with new FDA changes listing nutritional information and other facts related to the food being served. Digital boards can be dynamically altered to showcase a menu, a wine list, or specialty menu items, whereas a static signage board can be costly to maintain every time something changes. The staff no longer wastes precious time manually replacing traditional signage. Companies can now eliminate the redundancies of maintaining huge boards or static signage.