Sunday 14 July 2024
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Fashion Items You Didn’t Know Were Back in

Fashion Items You Didn’t Know Were Back in

casual-ShirtAdmittedly, fashion choices change a little less frequently for men than they do for women. However, the cyclical nature of fashion still does move, and for men, it can be especially hard to keep up with what looks cool. If you’re looking for a few new things to wear this fall, you might not be sure what looks cool or what looks weird. Here’s a list of things you can rock this fall without going outside your comfort zone.

Graphic Tees

The past few years were all about solid colours. Labels weren’t cool, and words were even less cool. Now there is something new happening, and it might be a graphic tee renaissance. Graphic tees make a statement. They always have, but because fashion went away from graphic tees for a while, those statements were less obvious. The practice of proudly displaying brands is back in its own way. Sleek, modernist designs on new graphic tees change the way you look and help you stay in style.


Clubmasters are great, but did you know that aviators are gaining popularity once again? Aviators have been around for several decades, and they usually go in and out. But, in a way, they’re kind of like black leather jackets. They always manage to stick around. Try a new set of aviator sunglasses to mix it up and get back to basics.

Long Tees

In homage to urban lifestyle and the baggy clothes culture of the 90s, tees can now come in long styles. Best used with joggers and skinny denim, these tees fit a little slimmer than the old baggy shirts and extend to just below the waist. A great look for the artist, musician, or rapper, the long tee might be around to stay for a while.


For a long time, men’s clothes have avoided the sweatpants look. Now, the wait is finally over. Joggers are similar to sweatpants, although they’re fitted to look more like proper trousers instead of loose, baggy pajamas. If you don’t own a pair of joggers, you should try a pair. You’ll probably be hooked pretty quickly. With a sagging crotch and fitted calves, these pants look great and are even more comfortable than they look.


A button-up shirt is like a dress shirt, but it’s a little more fitted. Old dress shirts were designed to be worn with suit jackets, but they are perfect as a classy stand-alone shirt or to be worn with a denim or leather jacket. They can come in short and long sleeve and there are tons of pattern options to choose from.


Classic Chinos

Chinos are often khaki coloured, and they go great with tees or button-ups. They’re sort of like fitted khakis, and they offer a nice look for your next occasion when you want the clean, dressy look without looking over-dressed. They’re great with oxford shoes or even boat-shoes.

These are some of the fashion choices you should try this fall. However, there are plenty of other options if these aren’t your style. Try looking online for some clothes to step up your fashion game this year.