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Gemstone Meanings: The Magic and Mystery Behind Gemstones

Gemstone Meanings: The Magic and Mystery Behind Gemstones

Unlock the mystery and meaning behind gemstones. Gemstones have been used for years throughout history. Gemstones have been said to have healing properties and are often described in mythological stories in various cultures across the globe. Every gemstone has a story behind its color and design. Please learn more at

Turquoise is a gemstone that is seen around the world and is well known for its vibrant color. It is said that turquoise attracts money, love, and success. Often it has been given as a gift among friends in Native American culture. The color was associated with the sky and grass, which symbolized an extension of the hand in friendship.

Black Onyx is a sophisticated gemstone that has gained popularity in recent years. Despite its deep color, Onyx has been said to repel negativity and promote emotional stability. This stone is known as the “stone of strength” because it increases determination and mental focus.

Topaz is a blue-crystal colored stone that is thought to soothe the nerves, increase confidence, or even soothe someone who is angry. In fact, in ancient Egyptian times, it is believed that their sun god, Ra, imbued the stone with a “golden radiance,” thus giving the stone great strength.

Amethyst is as soothing in looks as it is in healing properties. The color of this stone can be an almost clear lavender or a deep plum. Wearers have said that it has helped clear their thoughts and offer peace and serenity. Many Pagans believe that the stone is associated with the Crone Goddess due to Amethyst’s cleansing aura.

Rose Quartz is perhaps the most romantic stone. It is said in Greek Mythology that Cupid, the god of desire, brought Rose Quartz down to earth from the heavens to spread more love and kindness on Earth. Rose Quartz has been said to open the heart to all forms of love and also raises the wearer’s self esteem.

Citrine is one of the most uniquely popular gemstones around today. The name Citrine is derived from the French word, “citron” which means lemon. Citrine is more of a golden yellow stone, and it is known for bringing abundance and happiness to the wearer. Particularly regarding business matters, Citrine is said to bring material or financial wealth to the wearer.

Diamond is one of the most well known gemstones in history. It is said to be “tears of the gods.” This popular stone is known for its healing properties. Known to amplify energy and believed to bring people to their spiritual destinies, perhaps that is why it is a popular choice of a stone for an engagement ring.