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Helpful Information for You to Know Clearly about Glaucoma

Helpful Information for You to Know Clearly about Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disorder that affects the optic nerve eventually resulting in total blindness. The process is slow and thus the person will not be able to know the cause of partial blindness occurring at irregular intervals.

The prime reasons for the occurrence of the disease are due to heavy pressure in the internal portion of the eye and excessive formation of fluid in the eye. Sometimes the outer flow of the fluid minimizes resulting in the presence of dense amount of fluid.

There are multiple kinds of Glaucoma all are quite dangerous to maintain general health of the eyes. To be not affected by this eye ailment, a person should know more about the symptoms, causes and preventive methods. Symptoms of Glaucoma can’t be known in earlier stage, thus to identify the diseases in basic stage isn’t possible.

The major symptoms of Glaucoma are –

  • Loss in peripheral vision is a slow process.
  • Sometimes there is acute pain in the eyes.
  • Decrease in contrast sensitivity.

The other causes of Glaucoma are –

  • Side effects of steroid medicine.
  • Trauma of eyes.

The good news is that this ailment of eyes is totally curable if deducted in the early stage. Thus, regular eye care checkup done by vision center near me will be quite beneficial. Treatment needs to be followed as prescribed by optometrist and further preventive care should be taken to wade off blurred vision.

What are the curing remedies available for Glaucoma?

The effective way adapted to treat the ailment is medication and surgery.

  • Medication:
  • Eye drops for decreasing the formation of fluid and promoting the outflow of fluid.
  • Pills are prescribed for reducing excessive formation of fluid and to increase its outflow.
  • Surgery:
  • Done to decrease the pressure in the eyes and to increase the fluid outflow.
  • Surgery done to implant a stent which enhances the outflow of fluid.
  • Laser surgery.

How is Glaucoma deducted?

Series of eye tests are conducted by skilled eye specialist. Basically, screening is done to know whether there is a family history, intraocular pressure is in excess and optic nerve is damaged. If few of the risk factors are identified, then surely there are major chances of the patient suffering from Glaucoma. Even race, age and gender are termed to be factors to cause Glaucoma. To check the eye pressure of the eyes Tonometer is used by skilled eye specialist. The next step is to check the optic nerve as it gets damaged due to high pressure within the eyes.