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Helpful Paraguay Travel Tips

Helpful Paraguay Travel Tips

Paraguay is the second most unfortunate nation after Bolivia in South America. The individuals are neighborly and the pace is moderate. The nation has about 6.7 million individuals and 2.3 million of them live in the capital city, Asuncion.

Here are 18 hints on venturing out to Paraguay:

1. Spanish and Guarani are broadly spoken in Paraguay.

2. Summer is amazingly sweltering and can be up to 40 degrees Celsius as per local people. Our visit was in winter. You do require a light coat around evening time and early morning. Trinidad was very cold around evening time and early morning. You need winter garments in this piece of Paraguay, circumscribing Argentina in the northwest.

3. Time region in Paraguay is equivalent to US Eastern Time.

4. Power is 220 volts.

5. Official cash is Guaraní. During our visit it was US$1 to 4400 Guaranis.

6. You can pull back US dollars or neighborhood guaranis in significant bank ATMs in Paraguay. We pulled back our own at HSBC bank along Calle Palma.

7. Cash trade can be made at the bordertown of Cuidad del Este in the event that you are going by a nearby or visit transport from Foz do Iguacu, Brazil.

8. Most shops incline toward money in Paraguay and don’t acknowledge charge cards.

9. On the off chance that you have to talk with a bank official, banking hours are between the long periods of 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

10. Tipping is 10% in cafés and bars.

11. You can travel economically by transport from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil to Paraguay. I don’t have the experience yet I’ve seen transport ticket counters in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay that offers passes to Asuncion, Paraguay. You should know about the need to experience migration and customs all alone.

12. Americans need Paraguayan visas. It costs US$160 per individual and goes on until the identification terminates.

13. There are American drive-thru eateries in Asuncion like McDonald’s and Burger King.

14. We were cautious with natural product juices and plates of mixed greens while eating in Paraguay. On our first night in Asuncion we requested pan-seared vegetables rather than serving of mixed greens. Terrible decision… we were given singed plate of mixed greens (tomatoes, destroyed carrots and lettuce).

15. Administrations at cafés are more slow than anticipated. So show restraint.

16. Get a hair style in Asuncion. It is modest. My child got one at Ayala, over the Grand Palace Hotel for USD4.50 by a hair stylist who has 40 years of experience. He paid US$25 in Florida, US$10 in Mendoza, US$15 in Montevideo and US$13 in Sao Paulo.

17. Faucet water is drinkable in Paraguay as per the Paraguay Tourism Board. We purchased filtered water.

18. Air terminal expense is US$31.

Do you have any movement tips to Paraguay?