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How to Create an Outside Seating Area with Specialist Awnings

How to Create an Outside Seating Area with Specialist Awnings

Whether you run a café, a bar, a restaurant, a bakery or you just want to create a nice seating area outside your house in your garden, you can set up a specialist awning over a patio with some simple tables and chairs to make your own al fresco seating area. There’s nothing better than sitting outside in the warm summer months to eat dinner or enjoy a few drinks and if you run a business, then giving your diners somewhere to sit outside is a wonderful way to expand your offerings.

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These awnings can also be used as a way to catch people’s attention, because as well as serving a practical purpose they also look visually appealing. Good quality folding arm awnings can be found online for really affordable prices and they can be a great investmentfor any home or place of business.

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Folding Arms

The most popular type of outdoor awning to use is one with a folding arm mechanism, as this type of awning allows you to retract it with ease according to what the weather is doing.

Here are a few areas where this type of awning works really well:

  • Patio
  • Swimming pool
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Outside any type of food and drink related business

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The folding arm system makes it easy to pull the awning in or out depending on what the weather is doing and it is important to invest in a good quality awning to ensure that the system is easy to work, as there is nothing more frustrating that having to spend a long time trying to roll it in and out.

Business Types

There are lots of different businesses that can benefit from creating an outdoor seating area for their customers to use, including the following:

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  • Ice cream shop
  • Delicatessen
  • Café
  • Bakery
  • Bar
  • Restaurant

If you have a food truck, you can get an awning fitted onto the side of the truck to create a shaded area for people to stand under while you make their food.

These awnings will create a space for your customers to sit or stand under when the sun is too hot or even if it starts to rain. It will provide them with protection from all types of weather but they are mainly used for protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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Private Houses

If you want to create your own outdoor seating area at your house, then these awnings are just as useful at private homes. You can put one up to create a shaded seating space close to your swimming pool or simply erect one above your patio or barbecue area, so that you have somewhere to eat dinner in the summer without getting burnt.

Whatever you want to use your awning for, there are lots of designs and styles to choose from to help you to create an outdoor space that works well with the rest of your property or business.