Sunday 14 July 2024
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How to Make the Most of Your Headshot to Reflect On Your Personal Brand?

How to Make the Most of Your Headshot to Reflect On Your Personal Brand?

When it comes to entrepreneurs, they duly focus on personal branding. They themselves are a brand, even when not at work. They need to reflect this very perspective everywhere they go. This very appearance should improvise your message and not distract from it. Your personality says a lot about you. Personal branding is effective for those who resonate well with your business. And one underestimated aspect of this is the headshot which is used for your profiles, websites, bios, book jackets etc. These professional headshots tend to reflect your true values and narrate a story about you and your business. Professional headshot photographers claim that these focus on three essential elements like:

  1. Wardrobe

If you are spontaneous, go for textured or patterned fabric, vivid colors and unexpected touches. This could entail a vivid tie, a fun scarf or statement jewelry. If you are professional and simple, then go for tailored suit with accessories. If you are fun, brave, and real and if you are a woman, go for A Line skirts, vivid colors, patterns and accessories that will signify your realness with leather belts and gemstone earrings.

  1. Poses

A headshot entails a close up of your head and your upper torso. You can experiment with different shots, but go for close ups. This is because media outlets ask for them and your eyes tell a lot about who you are and help you in connecting with your audience. Consider the people who tend to share the values. Have a look at their headshots online for inspirations. Go for an angled pose if you are a fun and brave personality. If you value power, learn some power poses.

  1. Background

If you love nature or freedom, go for an outdoor setting. If you are an outgoing person, get your picture clicked on a stage. If you are a hard worker or a diligent person, office setting is ideal. If you value youthfulness or energy, get yourself clicked on a city street. Also, try having some headshots on a white background as well.

  1. Bonus tip

Also get into a practice of writing your values next to the headshots. Check if they are aligned and if the pictures are your favorite. Try getting yourself clicked in the similar energy in your headshot. If you have a mission statement, read it while you look at your headshot. Check if they are aligned. And always invest in a professional headshot photographer.