Wednesday 19 June 2024
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Irreplaceable garden instruments: the nut collector tool

Irreplaceable garden instruments: the nut collector tool

How to save time and strengths with marvelous Nut Gatherers

We know what recurs to your memory at the first mentioning of the nut season – it’s your brand new nut picker upper that you bought last year. And right now you are going to test it against all the annoyances of the nut picking. Why kneeling or bending when this magically wonderful tool is at hand, ready to get you a bucketful of nuts after several rolls over the ground?

Moreover, apart from gathering walnuts and pecans, your rolling hand harvester has more pleasant surprises for you. It effortlessly gathers small fruits as well, simultaneously sorting them out from leaves, bits of branches and other garden debris. It has no fear of tall or dewy grasses (which, undoubtedly, stir in your mind some unpleasant memories of the past) and works faultlessly both in dry and wet weather.

Finally, the process of unloading the gathered nuts or fruits is as simple as ABC’s. No stopping here too – you just get a proper pail and then connect the special tool to the nut gatherer’s cage to set the wires apart. The pecans, chestnuts or whatever things tickle your fancy go in the pail – overall, this takes no more than a few seconds.

Amazingly easy – gee, you certainly ought to have more of these nut trees planted!

The features and benefits of a nut collector tool

Surely, you already know that nut gatherers are all about saving time and labour, as well as sparing your back and tendons.

Its hand can be made of wood, aluminium or zinc coated steel, the size of the rolling cage can vary greatly and its applications are nearly incalculable. It’s true, one can collect with a nut picker upper almost everything of an appropriate form and shape, namely: hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, walnuts, cider apples, chestnuts, cones, small toys, tennis and golf balls, shotgun shells…

So what should you aim at in order to purchase a nice nut collector tool?

The only thing you want to be concerned with when buying an instrument of this kind is that you have dealings with the best quality nut collector tool. What you need is a robust tool supplied with a lifetime warranty. Do not worry about telescopic hands or various types of cages: a conventional nut picker upper complies with most applications you can come up with. It requires neither extra-strong grip nor much pressure too – its usability is maximal for both 6- and 96-year old members of your household.

Among the nut gatherer’s chief advantages there is the swiftness of use and the replaceability of the rolling wire cage. A bucket of almost any size will do – the cage of a nut picker upper holds up to 1 kg of nuts, which can be poured out in the contained by one move of the hand.

The nut harvester is superb no matter whether it comes to a single large tree, or to a fruitful grove. From now on, your pantry will never be caught short of those delicious and wholesome nuts!