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London Museum Events During Halloween Celebrate the Holiday

London Museum Events During Halloween Celebrate the Holiday

Whilst a day trip to a museum is no doubt a memorable experience, it takes on a whole new meaning when the activity is performed at night. When the event happens during Halloween, or toward the end of October, it conveys a special kind of spookiness.

An Ideal Time to Visit London and the UK

One London festival that took place from October 27th to 29th, 2016, commemorated both Halloween and London culture. The late-night festival is held nationwide annually. If you plan to visit London and want to make it special, plan to visit the UK during the Halloween holiday each year.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square celebrated Halloween in the ultimate style in 2016. Not only was the museum the stopping ground for Halloween-themed food and beverages, it also hosted live music during the city’s Halloween museum night festival. Face-painting and a secret bar were some of the highlights at the event.

The Keats House

The celebration was also in full swing during this time at the Keats House in Hampstead, London. Guests of the house were able to see life as it was experienced in Regency England. The Keats house is the former home of the English poet John Keats. Visitors listened to a poetry reading and decorated their own cupcake.

The Charles Dickens Museum

Visiting museums at night is a main activity during the Halloween celebrations in London, and in 2016 the Charles Dickens Museum hosted an event for the holiday. Many Dickens fans populated the event. Guests were able to experience the Charles Dickens’ house in all its Victorian glory, with an added bit of eeriness. Visitors walked through dimly-lit rooms whilst participating in scheduled activities. Some of the guests rubbed shoulders with clairvoyants whilst others bumped into the late Dickens too.


The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising on Lancaster Road was another museum that took part in Halloween festivities during the museum night celebrations. Foodies were invited to sample the exquisite cuisine of award-winning chef Adam Rawson. Rawson was named the 2015 Young British Foodie’s Chef of the Year. The food selection, needless to say, was frightfully delicious. The seven-course menu served by the chef drew heavily on the brands on display in the museum as well as on the colour black.

The Benjamin Franklin House

Another house featured during the museums and Halloween festivities was the Benjamin Franklin House. The house is notable for a ghastly discovery that was made in the home back in 1997. At the time, conservation work was being done in the historical house. The skeletal remains of ten human bodies were found beneath the basement floor. This year’s event at the house included the tale being retold by historian Braena Sykes.

A Must-do Night Activity

Naturally, other museums participate in the event as well. If you want to plan a special Halloween for 2017, then you will want to schedule this festival as a must-do activity. You can also use the London Underground to assist you in seeing the various locales during the annual Halloween event.