Wednesday 19 June 2024
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Preventing Holiday Injuries

Preventing Holiday Injuries

When you’re a student who works hard all year to gain the skills you need to get your dream job, it’s nice to destress by enjoying a nice holiday abroad, soaking up the sun and likely drinking a few cold beers. You might decide to travel alone during your gap year, or you might prefer to travel with a group of friends for a week or two of fun and relaxation. There’s nothing wrong with unwinding on holiday or enjoying a few responsible drinks in a foreign town, but you should make sure you take precautions to avoid sustaining an injury and consequently ruining your trip.

Of course, you don’t always want to be worried about accidents when the whole point of a holiday is to have fun, but accidents do happen and the resulting injuries can last a lifetime in the worst cases. If you’ve already suffered an injury while on a package holiday, you might be entitled to compensation. You can visit for legal advice and further information. However, it’s obviously best to avoid accidents in the first place, and this article offers a few tips to minimise the risk of injuries.

Stay Safe on Holiday

There’s no reason why you and your friends can’t enjoy the trip of a lifetime without any mishaps or accidents as long as you bear these tips in mind to ensure your safety.

  • Drink responsibly – You might have heard the phrase more times than you can count, but those who drink too excessively and stop thinking rationally make themselves vulnerable to attack as well as more likely to have an accident. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink, just make sure you still know what you’re doing.

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  • Avoid badly lit areas – Most of the major tourist hotspots will have sufficient lighting to illuminate their surroundings at night, but dark areas might be full of hazards you can’t spot. When your vision is impaired by darkness, it’s best just to stick to well-lit roads and busy pedestrian areas.
  • Only travel with reputable tour operators – Make sure that any tours you decide to go on are run by registered and licensed businesses that take safety seriously. You need to know that tour companies have safety rules and regulations in place and that they can provide medical assistance if an accident does happen.
  • Purchase comprehensive insurance – You can be the most precautious person in the world but when it really comes down to it, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Make sure you will have access to good healthcare just to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Don’t be put off taking a break with your friends during the university holidays. As long as you take safety seriously and apply some initiative, the chances are you’ll be absolutely fine. Remember, if you sustain an injury as part of a package holiday, you may be owed compensation. Make sure you’re diligent and well prepared for the worst, and your next student holiday will be one to remember.