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Skip the Queues, Save Money, and See Top Attractions

Skip the Queues, Save Money, and See Top Attractions

If you can’t stand queues or on a budget and still want to see the main attractions in Rome and the Vatican, the Vatican and Rome Card is the ideal solution. The card is valid for three days in a row and promises Fast Track, free and discounted entry into some of the city’s most popular attractions. All you have to do is buy your card online, pick it up when you arrive in Rome, and show it for free entry to the attractions you really want to explore. Included with the card is free entry to the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums, and free entry to two out of six other Rome attractions.

Top Vatican City Attractions

You simply cannot visit Rome without checking out the Vatican City attractions. Rome, being the centre of Catholicism, is a city of pilgrimage and holds massive religious significance dating back to ancient times. It’s home to some of the most noteworthy attractions in the world, and you can see some of them without the waiting or the additional fees with your Vatican tickets.


St Peter’s Basilica

With your pass, you can save 15 Euros on entrance to one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the world. You’ll also get a free audio guide, and you can skip the long lines. The Basilica dates back to the 16th century and is an impressive building, and arguably one of the greatest examples of Renaissance architecture.

The Sistine Chapel

With your pass, you can save 29 Euros and gain entry to Vatican museums. The Sistine Chapel is one of the finest works of Renaissance art owing to the sheer scale and skill of the artists. Michelangelo mainly painted the Chapel during the early 16th century, but the actual Chapel dates back to the late 1400s. Pope Sixtus IV built the Chapel, and Pope Julius II commissioned later decorations. The most famous scene is The Last Judgement, and in the middle of the ceiling, you will notice the nine scenes from the Book of Genesis.

Vatican Museums

With the Vatican pass, you can save 29 Euros and gain entry to the Sistine Chapel. The Museums are home to more than nine miles of impressive art, tapestries, sculptures and so much more. The worth of the Museums has been estimated at more than 15 billion Euros, and there is a broad range of fascinating collections. The collections have been built up by the Popes over the centuries and can be traced right back to Ancient Egyptian times. It is here you will find some of the most impressive masterpieces from the Renaissance era. There are no less than 45 rooms, including the Sistine Chapel and Gallery of Statues. Take your time wandering around the museums, and plan for at least half a day in the Vatican.


The pass is the perfect way to see the top sights, save money and skip those long summer lines. It’s easy to order and collect, and you can get on with the important task – exploring one of the most famous cities in the world.