Sunday 14 July 2024
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Smart Ways to Keep Jewellery Tarnish-Free

Smart Ways to Keep Jewellery Tarnish-Free

Silver and gold are the most common materials for jewellery. They also last for a long time, especially those that are pure gold or silver. Besides gold and silver, less expensive jewellery uses materials like plated metals, glass, beads and semi-precious stones. Some factors may affect their look and quality over time. There are pieces of jewellery that may tarnish and turn yellow or dark. But there are ways you can maintain the shine and overall condition of jewellery; here are some.

Keep them dry 

Your jewellery may have a significant meaning for you and keeping it in tip-top shape is essential. Jewellery’s worst enemies are liquids and moisture, so if you cannot avoid getting your necklace or ring wet, dry it right away so that the moisture does not seep into the metal and cause damage in the long run. Even the oil produced by your skin can affect the quality of the material.

Store them in a moisture-free box 

Velvet bags keep jewellery from getting scratches. Ziploc bags with the air drained out from them also keep moisture at bay. If you have a jewellery box, stick some anti-tarnish strips on it, and they will suck the moisture out of the box. They are very effective as well.

Try a jewellery protectant 

A jewellery protectant spray can protect your pieces from tarnishing. It creates a shield on the surface so that the culprits – such as moisture and dust – do not get into the jewellery. Besides keeping moisture and dirt out, a spray can also protect the wearer from allergies such as hives, rashes and itching.

Give them a rest 

Is your personalised handprint necklace your favourite piece of jewellery and you want to wear it day in and day out? It might be a bad idea if you want it to last a long time. Because you expose it to the elements every time you wear it, it will tarnish much faster. Learn to give it a break once in a while and use other pieces as alternatives.

What makes jewellery tarnish? 

Not all pieces of jewellery tarnish at the same time; it depends on how frequently you use it, the elements that you expose it to, and your skin condition as well. Some pieces may tarnish faster than others, depending on these factors and many more. When buying a piece of jewellery, know what makes it deteriorate faster and keep it in mint condition as much as you can, so you can enjoy it for years, even decades, to come.

Jewellery can upgrade our outfit and throw in a different vibe depending on the type of accessory you pair with your clothes. It is important to make sure that your necklaces, rings, bracelets and whatnot are always in mint condition, not only to keep them looking new but if you decide to sell them or give them away, the wearer will have a beautiful piece to wear that looks like new. Maintaining their shine and cleanliness also extends their lifespan.