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Soccer Betting: Both Teams to Score

Soccer Betting: Both Teams to Score

Soccer is the game with the largest number of fans around the world. Therefore, bookmakers’ offices offer the most extensive soccer line. Here you will find both top and minor tournaments, and the action line of the most popular events contains up to several thousand variants.

Soccer predictions are now offered by many platforms. One of the most reputable ones is Scores 24. The website always offers high-quality and free predictions. The platform analysts offer to bet on:

  • main outcomes;
  • totals;
  • handicaps

But no less popular are both teams to score bets. In this article, we will discuss what events are suitable for this market, how to look for them, and how to place such bets.

What are both teams to score bets?

Both teams to score is a bet on the fact that both teams participating in the match will be able to exchange productive attacks. It is noteworthy that it does not matter which team wins in the end and whether it will be a draw. The main thing is that each side must score at least one goal.

There are two possible outcomes for such bets “Yes” or “No”. In the first case, a productive game is expected from both sides of the meeting. In the second, the winning bet will be if the game ends with a 0-0 or a victory of one of the teams that have not conceded any goal.

What events are suitable?

Both teams to score bets are mostly placed in soccer events only. These markets are not applicable to productive games, such as basketball, tennis, handball, or volleyball. As to hockey, the odds for both teams to score are too low, so bettors are not much interested, and betting at such odds is not really promising in a long run.

In soccer, such bets can be used to be on the safe side in the game of two productive teams. For example, in the confrontation between Bayern Munich and PSG, it is easier to bet on the fact that both teams will be able to score, rather than to predict who will win.

The opposite tactic is also used. For example, if two unmotivated teams meet or if one of the clubs is famous for a good defense line, it is recommended to bet on both teams to score “No”.

What championships the suitable matches can be found at

First of all, you need to pay attention to the statistics of the championship as a whole and to the performance of each club. There are always exceptions to the rule. After analyzing the matches, you can understand where it is profitable to use bets on both teams to score, and what tournaments are better to avoid.

According to observations, most often teams of different levels meet in the matches of the championships of the following countries:

  • Denmark;
  • Belgium;
  • Netherland;
  • Sweden;
  • Germany;

Low performance is recorded in the championships of Azerbaijan, Russia, Portugal, Greece, and Belarus. But even in these champions, there are a couple of teams that stand out against the background of other clubs, and when they meet, you can bet on both teams to score “Yes”.

How to select a match for the bet both teams to score “Yes”

Now a large number of criteria have been developed that help users to choose the most profitable matches for bets on both teams to score. Professional cappers suggest adhering to the following principles:

  • keep statistics of the championships and highlight a few tournaments with the highest passability of such bets;
  • to bet on matches where both teams are good at scoring;
  • Avoid betting on matches where at least one team is famous for not conceding any goals during its games. One of the examples is a giant of Spanish soccer – Atletico Madrid, which is famous for its strong defense;
  • Games, where there is a pronounced favorite, are not suitable;
  • teams that prefer an attacking style of play and have high-class players in the attacking line are suitable;
  • do not bet with low odds. It is not profitable in a long run. the optimal odd will be around 1.90;
  • before placing a bet, you should always analyze the line-ups of the teams. If many substitute players come on the field from the first minutes of the match, as well as if main players of the attack line are injured or disqualified, it is better to refrain from the bet on both teams to score.


To use both teams to score markets successfully, you need to know the strength of each club, their tactics, and style, as well as properly analyze their previous head-to-head meetings.

Both teams to score and totals are different things. A bettor can lose even at 7-0 or win at 1-1. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the performance of both match participants.