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Sunny Savings: How to Maximize Profits During Peak Sunglasses Season

Sunny Savings: How to Maximize Profits During Peak Sunglasses Season

For eyewear retailers, the arrival of summer ushers in peak selling season. Long, sunny days beckon for stylish shades. Consumers invest in multiple pairs to complement new warm weather wardrobes. Smart sellers can ride the waves of sunglass excitement to significant sales if they prepare properly.

Stock Up on Inventory

You can’t sell what you don’t have. Anticipate summer interest by overstocking bestselling frame styles and lens colors in late winter. Look at sales analytics from previous years to predict upcoming trends.

Focus on classic silhouettes like aviators, wayfarers, and cat eyes offered in a variety of fashionable colors, patterns, and lens treatments. Target mid-range designer brands known for quality and protection. Trendy consumers will pay more for recognizable names like Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Prada.

Look for opportunities to buy discontinued frames in volume from bulk designer sunglasses suppliers like Olympic Eyewear. Discounted past season stock equals savings you can pass along to customers. Limited edition frames also generate excitement.

Stock more versatile styles and colors like black, tortoiseshell, gray gradient, and mirrored lenses. Bold unique options go fast too; you can always re-up popular items mid-season. Conservatively estimate demand, then adjust inventory based on early sales.

Encourage Sales of Multi-Packs

Devoted sunglass wearers purchase more than one pair to fit different settings and coordinate with outfits. Market multi-pack savings front and center in summer displays.

Create your own curated bundles featuring complementary styles shoppers can envision mixing and matching. Position together a classic pair with a trendy option, like wayfarers with neon cat eyes. Market the duo at an enticing single price that saves buyers 10-15%.

For extra convenience, assemble multi-packs with variety built in. Offer an assortment of unisex lenses including gray, brown and amber so there is an option for every occasion. Bundle a hard case plus cleaning cloth with 3-5 coordinating frames.

Upsell Lenses

Pushing lenses provides multiple opportunities to boost profits. First, customize each sale by helping shoppers select the ideal tint for their needs among gray, brown, green, and amber options.

Explain the benefits of polarization and UV blocking. Then tempt buyers to upgrade further with fancier mirrored or gradient lenses. These not only look sleek but provide enhanced glare reduction. The markup on custom tints and coatings improves margins.

Next, encourage spare pairs of replacement lenses in frequently needed tints like basic gray. It is easy to swap lenses on many frames. Having backups saves future trips when a preferred lens gets scratched. Bonus points if you provide in-house lens replacement services.

Finally, keep a variety of non-prescription colored contacts on hand for customers looking to temporarily transform their look. Playful options like aqua, violet and honey draw interest. Establish your store as a one-stop sunglass and summer eye accessory destination.

Promote Protective Accessories

Maximum summer eye protection involves more than just quality sunglasses. Market accessory add-ons prominently to further boost profits.

Display quality care kits containing microfiber cloths, spray cleaners, replacement nose pads and cases. Educate customers how proper maintenance preserves frames and clarity. Stock shelves with specialty eye drops that provide relief from irritation, redness and dryness associated with sun, pool water and sea breezes. Drops complement sunglass purchases.

When customers have sunglasses in hand, it is easy to tempt them with displays of problem-solving accessories at the counter. Capture multiple sales with every transaction.


Summer sun brings peak demand. Entice ready buyers by stocking coveted inventory in depth, bundling styles, providing lens upgrades, and prominently promoting related accessories. With the right merchandizing strategy, seasonal sunglass excitement translates to standout sales.