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The Most Thrilling Things to Do in the Australian Outback

The Most Thrilling Things to Do in the Australian Outback

The Australian outback is one of the biggest and most remote areas on Earth. The hot and dusty interior of the country is the sort of mysterious and alluring place that has long tempted intrepid explorers to get out and see it for themselves.

While most people who visit here or come to live here stay in one of the big coastal cities, there are definitely some very good reasons for exploring the outback while in Australia.

Feel the Magic of Uluru

Uluru / Ayer’s Rock is the iconic symbol of the outback and somewhere that most visitors want to see in person. This giant sandstone rock in the middle of the country has a very special significance for the indigenous people who have lived here for so many centuries.


For visitors, the magical moment when the rock appears to change colour and glow as the sun goes down is something that will linger long in the memory. It is also worth getting a guided tour from the locals, to find out more about the special cultural importance that the rock has for them.

Of course, getting to Uluru is going to take a bit of an effort. The most adventurous way is probably by driving along the exciting Red Centre Way, while you can also fly in directly or else take a tour from Alice Springs.

Find Out How Mount Augustus Rivals Uluru

Would you be greatly surprised to find out that there is a rival to the mighty Uluru in the Australian outback? In fact, Mount Augustus is actually a lot bigger in size than the far more famous Uluru.

It sits in Mount Augustus National Park in Western Australia and offers tourists terrific opportunities for hiking and climbing.  Unlike Uluru it is not a single piece of rock but it is still hugely impressive to look at.

For most visitors the remoteness makes Mount Augustus even more difficult to visit than Uluru is. However, if you are going to emigrate to Australia from the UK then why not take the time to visit both and see which one feels more special to you?

Try Some Bush Tucker

This is a good moment to point out the main difference between the bush and the outback. The bush is generally regarded as the rural area which lies outside of the big cities but is not as remote as the outback.

Despite the distinction, a trip to the wonderful outback is a fantastic opportunity to try out some bush tucker or bushfood. This is any type of food that is indigenous to the country and could give you some real surprises.

In terms of meat, you could try kangaroo or crocodile cooked over an open fire. Other options include witchetty grubs and a huge variety of unique fruits, nuts and vegetables.

See the Unbelievable Devil’s Marbles

There are outstanding places of natural beauty scattered throughout the outback. Among these, one of the most arresting and emblematic is the impossible looking rock formation known as the Devil’s Marbles.

These giant rocks sit in their own conservation reserve which is regarded as one of the oldest religious sites on the planet. There are numerous boulders scattered across the reserve, with some split cleanly down the middle and others perched precariously on top of other rocks.

This attraction is found in the northern Territories state and can be accessed from Alice Springs or Darwin. Despite the remoteness, the good road connections make it easier to get to than many of the outback’s other big attractions.

Find the Sculptures at Lake Ballard

If you love to see pieces of art then the Antony Gormley sculptures that are dotted around the salt plain at Lake Ballard will appeal to you. Over 50 metal sculptures are spread out over 10 square kilometres of natural beauty here.

This is a great reason to visit this part of Western Australia. Like most of the outback’s great attractions, getting here is going to take some effort, with Menzies the closest town to the stunning salt plain.

If you are looking at visa availability and jobs in demand in Australia then taking some find to find special sites like this to visit will make you even more determined to come and start a new life in such a vast and varied country.

You certainly shouldn’t limit yourself to just the big cities and the coast in Australia. There is so much to explore in the outback region that you will soon realise how magical and beautiful this part of the country really is.