Saturday 13 April 2024
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The Rugged Outdoor Look – A Timeless Concept

The Rugged Outdoor Look – A Timeless Concept

Man has always been the provider, and up until a few centuries ago, he would be out in all weathers, hunting or fishing for his family. In those days, he wore animal skins to keep him warm, as nature provides the ideal cold weather protection. Modern man doesn’t have to resort to such basics, and the lifestyle is more geared around recreation than necessity, which means the outdoor life is still as important as ever. Men’s fashion is constantly changing, yet certain elements are always there, and an outdoor lifestyle requires the right clothing.



Modern hiking boots take care of the footwear, and hiking shoes are also popular, as they offer a higher level of flexibility. Whatever the chosen activity, there are modern solutions, and the range of styles gives a guy a lot of scope in the fashion stakes. Scarpa make an excellent range of hiking footwear, and there are choices for the fashion conscious man who wants to look his best.


This amazing material has been with us since the mid 1800’s, when American cowboys began to wear this tough fabric, and it proved to be the ideal material for jeans, and has stood the test of time, especially in the fashion world. The versatile fabric has been faded, stonewashed, torn, and ripped, in various stages of fashion evolution, and is still as popular as ever. In terms of fashion, there hasn’t been a decade where denim wasn’t included, so it really has stood the test of time. Denim jeans have evolved in style, yet they still provide the strength and durability that makes them timeless.


The North Face range of jackets are the ideal solution for extreme cold climates. Light and comfortable, they offer a level of warmth without the bulk of traditional jackets, and the style range allows for individual tastes. Icebreaker clothing is light and durable, perfect for hiking and other active pursuits, and if you want something waterproof, yet breathable, Malmot, the Australian label, has a range  of jackets that shed moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable, even with the most strenuous activity.



Sunglasses are an essential accessory in Australia, and modern designs are ideal for extreme sports or hiking in the mountains. Gloryfy make a stunning range of men’s sunglasses, with goggles that offer great vision while protecting the eyes, and if you are into skydiving, or hang gliding, a pair of these are ideal. The range of designs reflects the diversity of men’s fashion today, and with special lenses, the UV protection is about as good as it gets.


The North Face has perhaps the best selection of stylish gloves that really do keep out the cold, and in sub-zero temperatures, we still have to use our hands, so it’s important not to lose the flexibility in the fingers. Fashion plays a big role in the glove industry today, and the designs available reflect this, with Icebreaker making an attractive range of gloves that are ideal fashion accessories.