Saturday 13 April 2024
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Things to Do and Not to Do After a Nose Reshaping Surgery

Things to Do and Not to Do After a Nose Reshaping Surgery

There are lots of reasons why you might need a nose reshaping surgery. Before, only women felt the need to change the shape of their nose to make them look better. However, these days, nose reshaping for men is gaining popularity.

With the right surgeon, you can have the nose you desire, and look great. You need to shell out quite a considerable amount of money to pay for this procedure, but if you want to alter your looks, it is not a bad idea.

Once the procedure is over, it does not mean you are already okay. You still need to follow these post-surgery tips until you fully recover.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

Your body is still undergoing adjustments after the surgery. Avoid foods and drinks that could have adverse effects on your body. You also need to quit smoking if possible. Anything that your physician tells you to avoid until you recover needs to be adhered to.

Take supplements

You can take Vitamin C, E and iron as they are safe for people who have undergone surgery. They also help expedite the healing process. However, if you have allergies, or the physician recommended you not to take these medicines, avoid doing it.

Take your meds

After the surgery, when the effects of the anaesthesia are over, you might start to feel pain. Your physician will recommend you take antibiotics and pain medication to ease the pain even for a while. Make sure that once you don’t feel the pain anymore, you stop taking these pills as pain relievers could have addictive properties.

Don’t go back to work yet

Nose reshaping might be cosmetic surgery, but it is still a form of surgery. You went through a process that involved an incision. You can’t afford to immediately go back to work as it could stress your body. Before you undergo this surgery, file for a leave of absence. The recovery period takes at least two weeks. If you don’t have holidays, it is a problem, but you need to stop working.

Find someone to take care of you

Before the surgery, make sure that you assign a family member to be there for you. The first 48 hours are crucial. You won’t have the energy to do anything yet. You need someone who will assist you. You need reliable transportation since you can’t drive yourself going home. You might even be unconscious after the surgery and are a risk when you opt to drive back home.

Prepare a cold compress

You need to have a cold compress ready to place on the surface of the body that underwent surgery. A cold compress helps avoid swelling and eases the pain.

It takes time for your body to fully adjust after surgery, but if you want to look fantastic, you need to go through this process. Once the pain goes away, and the results of the surgery show, you will say that it is worth it.