Sunday 14 July 2024
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Tips for Choosing the Best Boat Carpet

Tips for Choosing the Best Boat Carpet

The right boat carpet will be an asset to your watercraft in four ways. It will:

– Enhance your boat’s good looks
– Make it more comfortable for you and your guests in bare feet
– Provide more secure footing to prevent slip and fall injuries
– Protect it from a variety of problems

How to Choose Boat Carpet

Not all boat flooring is equal in terms of quality, durability and performance. These tips will assist you in selecting carpet for your boat that will exceed your expectations.

1. Choose premium marine flooring

Quality counts in carpeting for your boat. Cheap carpet for your boat might look good for a season, but it will soon fade, show wear and start to come apart.

The best choice for boat flooring is a tough, woven vinyl product that is rated for heavy traffic because you want to be on your boat as much as possible without concerns about carpet wear.

2. Prevent bacteria growth with anti-microbial marine carpeting

The environment on a boat can foster the growth of bacteria, so stop it before it even starts by choosing carpeting featuring anti-microbial and anti-bacterial treatment. This will help to eliminate mold, mildew and odor during the boating season and when your boat is in storage.

3. Easy cleanup is essential

Look for stain-resistant marine carpet that will stand up to soda, food, gasoline, oil and the other common spills that occur while you’re out on the water or maintaining your boat.

4. Stay safe with secure carpet backing

The side of the carpet you don’t see is just as important as what’s on top. Select a premium marine flooring product with a backing that will hold the carpet securely in place. This will prevent it from bunching up and becoming a trip hazard while also providing your boat’s floor surface the protection you want it to have.

5. Stop the spread of fire

While fires on a boat aren’t common, there are occasions where fuel leaks or spills can ignite. Look for a marine carpet with a high flammability rating to ensure that it won’t catch fire easily and will slow or stop the spread of flames. This can be the difference between a minor issue and your boat being destroyed by fire.

6. Don’t forget great looks

Consider the colors of the boat, its accents and decals as well as the upholstery when picking out carpet. Choose a color or pattern that blends well and enhances to decor already present. Taking a few carpet samples to the boat to try them out is a great idea.

Whatever color you choose, it should be fade-resistant to keep it looking its best season after sunny season.

When you stick to these tips for choosing marine carpet, you’ll get a product that will provide premium performance and appearance in the years ahead.