Saturday 13 April 2024
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Using a Broadfork: Handy Broadfork Tools For Your Homestead

Using a Broadfork: Handy Broadfork Tools For Your Homestead

The time has passed when gardening and all the connected activities have been regarded a hard time-consuming work.

We are now at a time of high developing technology, which means that there is no need to use simple tools and outmoded machinery to set your garden in order. Today, gardening is just another great opportunity to have some fun, spend your time with your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Surely, this is true only for gardeners who are eager to choose some handy tools designed by those engineers who know precisely what a modern gardener needs.

Among a variety of diverse gardening tools, one requires special attention: a broadfork – an elegant solution for those who for obvious reasons dislike digging and mellowing a soil.

What is a broadfork and how to use it

A broadfork is a handy instrument used to mellow the soil, providing the roots of plants with enough air to breathe and forming benign porous layers.

It looks like a huge fork with special tines and two long handles (surely, you will not confuse it with nothing else). The main purpose of this tool is to save you from hard and ineffective digging, preserve the healthy soil in your garden and allow you to harvest whatever you wish.

Using a broadfork has nothing in common with good old digging. Due to its highly ergonomic feature, all you need to do is to stick it in the soil, step on the crossbar and upend the soil, using your bodyweight.

Additionally, the market holds a great variety of different models, so finding the best broadfork will not be a difficult task.

The main benefits of using a broadfork

In fact, a broadfork has three main advantages, which make it indispensable for any gardener.

  • First and foremost – it is designed especially to save your back and guarantee that you will never get tired after a few working hours in your garden. When using this tool you do not have to bend, exposing your joints to the risk. No more backache – just fast and effective work.
  • Secondly, it is a multifunctional tool, which combines ease of use with amazing effectiveness. A broadfork allows you to work as fast as you need, it is good for both large areas and small orchards. Having problems with a rocky ground? Or maybe you want to avoid problems when harvesting vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes?
  • No tasks are a problem when you have such a useful tool. It requires no brute force; instead, it provides you with a chance to relish rhythmic aerobic in your garden.
  • Finally, this gardening tool preserves the living strata of the soil, minimising damage to the roots of plants and useful fauna, such as earthworms.

Ordinary tools may be quite effective for mindless digging, but sometimes you need to purchase an instrument that will allow you to do much more. You just cannot find anything better than broadfork when you want to take care of all the aspects of gardening!