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What, Why, And When To Hire A Scooter Accident Lawyer

What, Why, And When To Hire A Scooter Accident Lawyer

What would you do if you caused an accident while riding on your scooter? Is it appropriate to engage with the motorist who is likely to be at fault?

Many motorcycle riders do not know the right causes of action after a crash. A motorcycle accident can leave you nursing severe injuries and counting numerous losses. The good news is that you can hire a scooter accident lawyer to help secure compensation for your losses.

Who is a scooter accident lawyer?

A scooter accident attorney is a legal professional who can represent a rider’s interest to the relevant insurance providers for compensation. It is appropriate for motorcycle riders to hire a personal injury attorney to help them as they recover from injuries and trauma associated with a crash. Here are some compelling reasons why you should hire a scooter accident attorney.

Why are motorcycle accidents often severe?

Many motorcycle accidents are often severe because the rider lacks protection. Therefore, the rider can suffer dilapidating injuries and damage to the machine. Apart from severe injuries, an accident can have fatalities. Surviving a motorcycle accident can leave the rider with permanent disabilities and chronic pain that negatively impact the ability to lead a quality life.

Motorcycle victims may require regular medical attention, prolonged hospital stays, and multiple x-rays and surgeries. A personal injury attorney can help you secure maximum compensation to help you pay for your rehabilitation and cater to your ability to earn an income in the future.

Some of the common injuries in a scooter accident include:

  • Head injuries

Many motorists sustain traumatic head injuries because of exposure to elements and vehicle parts.

  • Neck and spinal cord injuries

Many motorcycle riders fly off their bikes in road accidents. This can cause spinal cord impairment and consequently affect a rider’s mobility. A minor impact against the tarmac can cause neck and back injuries due to the destructive force.

  • Multiple fractures

Motorcycle riders can fall from a flying bike and sustain multiple fractures in their limbs and bodies. Broken bones and multiple fractures take a long time to heal and can require specialized medical attention.

  • Burns and wounds

A motorcycle that crashes can be dragged across the tarmac, shuffling the rider on the pavement at an electrifying speed. The friction and high speed cause burns and road rash injuries that may require skin grafting to heal. Other times, the motorcycle can explode, causing a fire accident.

  • Internal injuries to organs can be fatal.

The force of falling off a moving bike onto a hard surface can cause severe injuries and internal bleeding, which can be detected days after the accident. Therefore, a motorcycle accident victim requires a thorough investigation to arrest internal bleeding and start treatment immediately.


  • Losses and damages associated with a motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident can have far-reaching consequences.

  • Property damage

Your motorcycle is likely to be damaged after a crash. An accident settlement can help repair and replace your bike, personal equipment, and property damaged in the crash.

  • Other damages

An accident can have other damages apart from income loss and medical expenses. The crash can hurt pedestrians, break a fence cause other losses on the accident scene. Hiring an accident attorney helps you to determine the party at fault, so you don’t have to pay for damages you didn’t cause.

  • Loss of income after the crash

Many accident victims require time to heal from their injuries before resuming work. Consequently, one can miss work for several days, weeks, or months. Consequently, you need a lawyer to pursue your compensation to cater to the time you’re economically inactive. Other times, a motorcycle accident victim suffers a permanent disability and may never return to work. A motorcycle accident attorney helps you claim for future losses that prevent you from earning an income.

Who is liable for motorcycle accident liability?

Any party can be liable for a motorcycle crash. The scooter accident attorney gathers evidence to determine the party at fault and pursues the insurance provider concerned. When the other motorist is at fault, the accident lawyer places a claim with the insurance provider to cater to your injuries and damages. If the other party has no insurance coverage, the lawyer can file a lawsuit against the motorists liable to you.

Why should you hire a scooter accident attorney?

1.    To pursue maximum compensation

Many motorists apportion blame on the rider because they assume they don’t have a legal presentation. Motorists should not shy away from hiring a personal injury attorney even when they’re in the wrong. A seasoned scooter accident attorney can claim your compensation to enable you to repair your bike. And because the attorney bids for the highest compensation amount, the rider can also cater to their medical expenses.

An accident case can earn a rider more settlement if evidence proves that the other motorist is at fault. Your attorney can also advise you if the case is worth pursuing or not.

2.    Understands the legal claim process

Filing for insurance compensation can be overwhelming. It can also be demanding if one is nursing injuries and required to file the claim within a specific period. The attorney should assess your accident scenario and decide the magnitude of the damage against the gain from pursuing compensation. You must also fill out several documents because the slightest error can derail the process. Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney saves a rider from reading many legal documents and filing them appropriately.

3.    Skilled in negotiations with insurance providers

A lawyer can help evaluate the evidence collected to gauge the need to pursue compensation. Insurance providers have a history of underrating clients’ injuries and losses. However, a personal injury lawyer protects clients from exploitation, bullying, and coercion. The lawyer understands the insurance adjusters’ tricks and levels the ground for the injured rider. An experienced attorney knows what to say and how to push the insurance company to give you a reasonable settlement.


A scooter accident attorney is a legal professional who specializes in helping riders get appropriate compensation after an accident. Talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer near you to help you secure maximum compensation for your losses and damages.