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Why are Bedtime Stories Important to Children?

Why are Bedtime Stories Important to Children?

Reading children stimulates their imagination, helps them learn and develop listening and language skills and exposes them to a wide range of vocabulary they do not know about books or people. Reading books ensures that your child is confronted with vocabulary from different topics, which means he hears words and phrases that he may not have heard in everyday life. Children learn more words and expressions when new words are read to them every day, not just in chapters of a story.

It is important to remember that when you use the extra space for sitting and cuddling with your child, a consistent bedtime routine with stories can help your child feel safe. Putting them to bed and expecting them to fall asleep can be difficult, but a bedtime routine of reading together can help them relax, reduce stress levels and help them sleep better. Children like reading aloud at bedtime to help them develop childish imagination and creativity. Read these famous bedtime stories to your little ones and see them sleep in no time. Here are a few points that explain why bedtime stories are important to your child.

Significance of Bedtime Stories to Kids

Most children like to hear stories because they find them interesting. Listening to and reading a bedtime story improves children’s attention span and hearing. During a story session, parents and children can interact with each other and discuss the characters and storylines. Make reading part of your nightly routine to help your baby calm down and understand that it’s time to sleep. Use this time to cuddle and mark the beginning of bedtime for your little one. Also, engage your little readers in reading, or you can read to them these short stories for kids, available at BYJU’S. Now, let us understand the importance of bedtime stories for your child.

  • Improves Communication: It also improves children’s verbal communication skills, essential for future success in reading. The result is improved communication skills and vocabulary. Interaction with your child, including by reading aloud, lowers their stress levels and enables better learning.
  • Lower’s Stress Levels: Bedtime stories have proven supportive in developing parent-child interaction, lowering children’s stress levels, and strengthening children’s literacy skills and command of language. 54 percent of parents believe that giving their children time to read aloud and bring them home is critical to their bonding time. Perhaps the most profound benefit found in recent years is how bedtime stories rewire the brains of children and accelerate their command of language.
  • Keeps the Gadgets Away: The importance of reading daily to your child may motivate parents to buy time for more important activities such as surfing the internet and using smartphones, but the time you spend on social media and making calls is not as important as the time you spend at home with your child. More worryingly, kids require some time with their families to read bedtime stories, associated with enhanced creativity, literacy, and sleep for children.
  • Promotes a Healthy Sleeping Routine: They give children a sense of structure and control and help them develop good sleeping habits. Stories can be added to the mix of bedtime routines to provide additional opportunities for bonding and sharing with your child. Bedtime stories are known to develop a bond between foster parents and children, and you can prepare children for sleep. However, some families have established traditions that do more than just prepare your child for sleep.

These are a few points that briefly explain the importance of bedtime stories for children. For more essays and stories for kids, make sure to visit BYJU’S website.